Energy Data Management Systems and ISO 50001

Energy Data Management Systems and the ISO 50001:2011 standard

Energy data management should make it possible for organizations to improve energy consumption and energy efficiency in a targeted and structured manner. A pre-requisite for optimal implementation is the collection of valid data with as much automation as possible and to implement this purposefully in an energy data management system (EDMS) or energy management system (EnMS). An EDMS/EnMS must support all requirements in relation to data acquisition and processing as seamlessly as possible. This website informs you of the the requirements for an EDMS/EnMS and about the integration of EDMS/EnMS into the company in accordance with the ISO 50001 standard.

Road to Energy Management

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Energy Data Management Systems

An energy data management system must be in a position to collect, compress and analyze data from various sources and output this as valid reports, which then become the basis for regular interventions into the energy system.

All areas of energy management must be supported and facilitated by EDMS/EnMS. This also applies for comprehensive data collection just as much as the detailed analysis, the holistic consideration of the issue or the requirements for flexible inclusion of staff and the high degree of flexibility when incorporating it into the company.

ISO 50001:2011

The international standard ISO 50001:2011 defines requirements with regard to energy use and energy consumption. It is primarily aimed at companies that check their own energy policy and wish to keep compliant with national or international requirements. It also creates the basis for objective proof of conformity with energy-related political requirements and achievement of ISO 50001 certification.

To do this, rules for the measurement, documentation and reporting are defined, but systems, processes and staff are also taken into account. The compliance of the energy management with ISO 50001 can be either a self-assessment or external certification.

ISO 50001 provides an internationally-valid framework, but does not prescribe any specific performance criteria. The standard is intended for independent application. However it is also permissible to integrate it into other management systems.

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