Energy Data Management Systems: Shape the future

When using an energy data management system, the future of a company can be shaped to a great extent, because of the possibility to control the individual energy consumption, the energy-related performance and, the energy use and the energy efficiency.

EnMS: Energy costs under control

Targeted energy data management is a good basis for the optimization of a company’s own resource consumption. With many advantages:

Carefully planned and executed energy data management reduces costs and thus contributes significantly to positive corporate earnings. At the same time, it ensures a general reduction of emissions and reduces the consumption of resources.

Successful energy data management thus becomes an indispensable basis for future-orientated corporate thinking. The responsible and safe handling of resources and energy creates the basis for corporate success that is based not just on growth but and on a reduction in the use of expensive resources.

Depending on the geographic location of the company, certified energy management can also ensure state subsidies. And it improves the image in the eyes of stakeholders, customers and the public.

Automation of EnMS

Energy data management works most efficiently if it covers all areas in an automated manner: Collects data, compresses it, analyses it, provides a basis for decision-making with reports and ideally even reacts to energy consumption that is too high, for example by interacting with other software products such as SCADA or ERP.

Each piece of an energy data management software must be able to not only support management in accordance with ISO 50001, but also take into account other relevant international standards and national regulations.

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