Ecological Effects

Energy Data Management: Better for the environment

With an energy data management system, companies also contribute positively to the environment. This provides more than just financial benefits for the company; it also provides recognition from shareholders, customers and the public.

Energy Data Management System for a small ecological footprint

The size of a company’s ecological footprint can be controlled by the company itself to some degree. The figures for energy performance, energy requirements and energy influences can be positively influenced with a well thought-out EDMS that is adapted to the company – without damaging the company.

Reduced consumption of energy and optimum use of energy in the whole company reduce the ecological footprint and provide a contribution to the improvement of the climate situation. A fact that can also have positive effects for how the company is perceived in society.

Desired side-effect: Create a CO2 balance more easily

Companies that have to create and present a CO2 balance make their work easier with a cleanly-implemented energy data management system. they gain reliability and reduce both time taken and costs for the creation of their CO2 balance.

All data necessary for the CO2- balance must already be available with the EDMS. If appropriately flexible software is used, the data can be collated at any time, analyzed and bundled with the necessary, meaningful reports. In this case, what is ideal is EnMS software that processes the data from different sources, from the sensor though machines to data from other software products, but also manual inputs, Excel lists and so forth.

EDMS as a positive factor for environmental protection

Energy data management supports the company in several areas. Firstly and most of all, the company’s own costs for energy become transparent and can be purposefully changed. Cost reductions and state subsidies have a positive effect for the company.

Secondly, companies reduce their emissions this way and thus make a positive contribution to climate and environmental protection. Sustainable use of resources has a positive effect for the company both financially as well as in terms of image.

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