Holistic Approach

Energy Data Management: React comprehensively

At first glance, certain areas are suitable for the implementation of an EDMS. Most of all production sites that use a large amount of energy, rooms with high consumption, areas with energy costs that are above average. However, well-thought out energy data management relates to all areas, includes everything and takes reciprocal effects into account.

EDMS: Everything in view

A cleverly-integrated EDMS allows a view of all areas, scaled as desired. From the individual machine, to the room, to the building and to the complete company. Manufacturing areas are taken into account just as much as materials and the building services system.

This means that, in addition to the main focus of consumption, other perspective can be included. How can the energy used in area A possible provide benefits in area B? Where can a noticeable reduction of resources be realized with little work?

Perfect support through Energy Data Management Software

Energy data management software that is closely linked to other solutions in the company can unleash new potential. Ideally it is in a position to not just collect and prepare data, but also to make interventions to control things. A reactive EDMS then becomes and active one.

Automatic switching of generators and also automated switching off devices that consume electricity can proactively ensure that agreed tariffs and amounts consumed are also adhered to. If a company is in a position to avoid load peaks through automation, it can exploit supply quantities and limits optimally.

Get an overview – act flexibly

Companies that constantly have all relevant energy data available, create forecasts without problems, and can act out scenarios and also act using automation in decisive moments gain decisive advantages in energy management and competition.

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