EnMS: Implement in a targeted manner – future-proof growth

It is worth planning and executing the implementation of an EDMS carefully. The energy team should have sufficiently qualified personnel and a defined framework in terms of time and budget. A solid basis allows you to benefit from the advantages of an energy data management system on a long-term basis.

Using suggestions from ISO 50001

ISO 50001 itself provides suggestions for implementation in an organization. It refers to the necessary resources and the tasks of top management. Software for energy data management must, to the greatest extent possible, support all aspects of energy management, but also all requirements for the implementation.

It is not just a case of collecting and analyzing figures and then evaluating and displaying these. The ability of the energy data management software to communicate can also be decisive. An ability to communicate both ways.

One the one hand, to communicate to all technical interfaces of course, from the sensor and HMI through Excel lists to databases and other software such as SCADA and ERP products. However on the other hand, also as a medium for the members of energy management team amongst themselves and to the top management of the company.

Successful implementation boosts company development

A carefully-implemented energy data management system generally has a positive effect on corporate development.

1. Reduced consumption of resources:
Controlled acquisition and consumption of energy reduces the requirement for resources and ensures better use of existing energy.

2. Obtaining subsidies and tax benefits:
Many countries promote active energy management with financial allowances and/or preferential tax treatment.

3. Boost for growth:
The implementation of an EDMS frees up additional means, as well as innovation, that promote the growth of the company as a whole.

4. The basis and motivation for continuous improvement:
Functional energy data management needs regular audits and checks, constant monitoring. This ensures that new possibilities for the optimization of energy consumption are always found in the future. At the same time, innovative momentum is also retained with the implementation.

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