Energy Baseline

Indispensable: Initial Energy Baseline

Sensible energy management needs reliable figures in order to be able to evaluate and shape the development. One of these is the energy performance indicator (EnPI). This measure of energy-related performance is defined by the organization. It can be expressed as a simple metric, as a ratio or as a complex model.
Companies must determine appropriate energy performance indicators as a basis for energy management to monitor and measure the energy-related performance. The energy performance indicators must be checked regularly and compared to the initial energy baseline.

Continuous assessment in the ISO 50001 management system standard

Companies that introduce energy management in accordance with ISO 50001 must ensure continuous energy assessment. They must develop a corresponding measurement system, log data and maintain checking. The methods and criteria of the energy assessment must also be documented.

The following is necessary to develop an energy assessment:

1. Analysis of energy use and energy consumption.
The basis of this is formed by measurements and other data. The current energy sources are determined and energy uses and energy consumption is evaluated.

2. Determination of the areas with relevant energy use.
Determination of the facilities/sites, equipment, systems, processes and staff that have a significant influence on energy consumption. Also, a determination of how the energy use is influenced and how it will develop in the future,

3. and identification of the potential for improvement of the energy-related performance.

The energy-related assessment must be updated at determined time intervals. However it must also be updated if significant changes have been made to facilities/sites, equipment, systems or processes.

Initial energy basis: A good start to Energy Management

The energy baseline is defined with the information from the initial energy baseline assessment and with the data that has been collected in an appropriate period of time. All changes to the energy-related performance must be measured and assessed on this basis.

The initial energy basis must correspond to a previously-defined method if:

  • Energy performance indicators (EnPIs) no longer reflect the energy use or energy consumption of the organization
  • Significant changes to the process, the operational procedures or energy systems have been undertaken

The initial energy baseline must be maintained and recorded.

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