Energy Management Team

Energy Management is teamwork

In order to implement energy management in accordance with ISO 50001, it makes sense to use a cross-discipline team. The project is led by the energy manager, who could be a member of top management. Later, the project team is dissolved by an energy team, which work on continuous improvement.

Energy Management Team

The project team should include the following corporate areas:

  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Production
  • Research and development
  • Maintenance
  • Building services
  • Training
  • Communication and marketing
  • Legal department for monitoring the adherence to legal regulations

Top management is needed for ISO 50001:2011

The ISO 50001 standard also defines the tasks of top management in the company. Thus it is, according to this standard, responsible for:

  • Defining the area of validity of the EnMS
  • Creating and updating the energy policy within the company
  • Appointment of an energy officer
  • Provision of the necessary resources (technical, staffing, financial)
  • Ensuring internal communication
  • Defining the strategic energy objectives
  • Ensuring meaningful energy performance indicators
  • Execution of the management review

The energy officer can also install their own energy management team, which ensures a continuous implementation process after implementation of the EnMS. It should already be built up in the project phase and be involved in the implementation.

In order to support this heterogeneous team optimally, the EDMS/EnMS used must also be team-compatible. Processes and inputs must be able to be undertaken and monitored by different people. The flow of information between the departments and people involved in the project must be as unrestricted as possible.

The information flow between company management, energy officers and the energy management team must be supported by the EnMS, as should the documentation of the data collated, the measures implemented and regular checks and reevaluations.

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